German car start-up Loremo made a big splash back in 2006 with the unveiling of their ultra-efficient 157MPG Diesel powered car called Loremo.

Now the company says that along side the Diesel Loremo they also will release an electric Loremo dubbed E-Loremo at launch in 2010.

The E-Loremo would feature a 20KW electric engine which would give the ultra-light car a top speed of 170km/h (~105mph).

The E-Loremo is even capable of mobilizing as much as 40KW (55hp) of power for short-term actions like passing.

Loremo did not finalize the battery capacity and the range of the E-Loremo. Plans are to achieve a range of 150-200km (93-124miles).

A first prototype of the E-Loremo will likely be ready as soon as mid 2008.

Loremo will also enter the recently announced Autmotive X-Prize. The task is to build an automobile by 2009 that will go as far as possible with as little as possible. Maximum efficiency at a reasonable price. And not to forget: a serial production should be feasible. Loremo clearly has a chance in winning the X-Prize as they have already been working on a solution for years.